Room Addition

Adding a room to an existing structure can be a tricky business. If not planned properly, keeping the existing building in mind, the addition can damage the house instead of enhancing it.
Masterly Inc. general contractors and remodelers in Beverly Hills are skilled at seeing an entire project from start to end. We design and plan the concept you envision in sync with the local building codes and safety regulations. It takes years of experience to understand how to add to an existing house without damaging it. Masterly, Los Angeles has been doing it for 15 years.
Once the plan is chosen and the budget decided, the contractor will decide what materials to build with. The cost, design and availability are important factors to be considered in the choice of materials. Following this, the project milestones are scheduled and the subcontractors are hired. Unforeseen problems may come up when an old structure is remodeled. Such issues that arise are taken care of by the Masterly team. The entire project is carried out seamlessly hassle-free.
The choice of the general contractor for room addition should be done carefully as it can be critical to your project. Masterly Inc. general contractor at Beverly Hills, are skilled in all phases of construction, from new to remodeling and experienced in working with projects of all sizes and budgets.
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