Phone scratches are a very common problem nowadays. Not everyone uses cases or screen protectors, which can be annoying. So for any minor phone scratches, we have a very effective and easy solution.  You don’t even have to leave home to find what you need.

Yup. Just toothpaste, a cotton swab and a soft cloth. You have all you need home. And the steps to follow are pretty obvious, but we’ll guide you through it just in case.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your toothpaste is actual paste and not gel based. Gel based toothpaste wont work.

1. Apply a little toothpaste to the cotton swab.

2. Rub the swab on the scratched surface.

Do this in gentle and circular motions.

3. Remove the toothpaste with a soft cloth.

Damp it a little in water, so it removes the toothpaste effectively. Don’t use a really wet cloth, since this might ruin your phone completely.

You’re done! Easy. Now your phone has no visible scratches and the screen is shiny and clean. Remember this is just for minor cosmetic scratches, not for deep serious ones.