Kitchen remodel / design ? Bathroom remodeling ? Room addition ? What will it be ?
Bathroom Remodeling
No matter how small or large your bathroom is currently, it can be handsome or pretty, pleasing to the eye and function to your delights.
For centuries, the bathroom has been an intricate part of peoples lives and every nation has it’s special functions for special purposes. This world has opened up to all of us to expand our ideas.The visual and the function should compliment each other and this should be a retreat for pleasure, not just function.
This should be your retreat to wallow in luxury, scents, mellow music, a pretty candle and all behind locked doors. A time to be private and relax and soothe all the senses. Let stress leave your body and mind and rejuvenate yourself.
Just as a remodeled kitchen, the bathroom is a must to remodel for re-sale purposes and paths to profits – YOUR PROFITS.
Kitchen Remodeling
We understand that the Kitchen is the focal point of most households,
and we are familiar with the features and materials that are most desired: center-islands and extra counter-top space options,
custom cabinetry, dramatic windows and soft recessed lighting, ceramic tile flooring and countertops, hardwood flooring, beautiful moldings, wallpaper, and creating the ‘great room’ feel of spaciousness in this most important of living spaces.
We will help you to select the best materials available for your project,
and we will follow through with expert installation and careful attention to details.
As with all of our work, our kitchen remodeling projects are very desirably-priced, and include labor, materials, permits. We are also always happy to provide several different written estimates to you based on different plans,designs and options.
We do not believe that a comprehensive renovation and modernization
of the kitchen-area is a project that needs to cost a small fortune,
or that usually is priced beyond the means of most consumers.
We will work with you to find the renovations
that will make you happy and which will fit within your budget.
General Remodeling
Room Adittion,Roofing,Paint,Flooring,
,Fire Places,Patio,Driveway,Fences,Custom Siding
In-Home Consultation
One-on-One Meetings with Our Design Staff.
Design samples with unlimited revisions.
Selection Process of materials.
Complete Construction Drawings & Permits