Landscape Contractor

A great exterior can enhance any house. Your little green island can make you look forward to come back home. It is the first impression a visitor gets when they come to your house. The lovely view from your window can be a great start to your days.
If you have been awe-struck at other people’s beautiful yards and wondered if you could have one, Masterly Inc. is the perfect answer to your landscaping dreams in the Los Angeles area. We provide the following landscape services:

  • Layout – A cleverly designed layout can convert a small green patch into a heavenly garden.
  • Structure – Using the space with balance can bring any outdoor space to life. Masterly Inc. team is expert at creating wooden, marble, brick or stone structures to bring structure to your yard. Masterly Inc.’s team of landscape designers and contractors are skilled at suggesting and translating various design options.
  • Hardscaping – Yes, there are options to that boring concrete. Stones, paving tiles and other innovative materials can be used to give your outdoors a distinct character
  • Planting greens – Plants that can survive harsh LA summers and bring out the colors in the fall can keep your garden alive throughout the year.
  • Lighting – Light can add magic to any area. Using natural light innovatively during the day and artificial light fixtures during the night can transform your little green patch into a romantic getaway.
  • Water bodies – Adding a waterfall or fountain to your garden will add a refreshing touch to the urban landscape.