Hydro Jet Cleaning

Services: Drain Cleaning, Sewer Cleaning , Clogged pipe

The Hydro Jetting & Video Inspection Specialist
What is HydroScrub ?
HydroScrub is the most effective method of residential drain and sewer cleaning available.
HydroScrub keeps your plumbing running smoothly by removing hair, residue from soap, grease and oil buildup, mineral deposits, small roots that have grown into your pipes, and more.
HydroScrub uses water pressure and water volume to clear pipes of clogs and debris.
It is far superior to conventional methods, such as pipe snaking, making it the industry standard for residential drain & sewer cleaning.
HydroScrub restores your pipes to “like new” condition, all in less time than traditional pipe snaking.
How does HydroScrub work?
HydroScrub consists of a large tank of water, special high pressure hose and high strength nozzle, and machine that pressurizes water and controls flow. Beginning at the downstream end of your plumbing system, the HydroScrub nozzle is inserted into the cleanout, an opening in your plumbing offering access for the removal of debris. The pressure created by the nozzle causes it to pull itself through the pipe during residential drain & sewer cleaning. Propelled forward by water pressure up to 3500 psi and emitting water at an incredible volume of 18 gallons per minute, HydroScrub works its way upstream, clearing the path for debris to easily flow into the sewer. There are many sizes of HydroScrub nozzles in use today, for pipes from 1.25” to 36” wide.
Emergency clog removal
If you find your pipes repeatedly in need of emergency clog removal, your home could greatly benefit from HydroScrub. When plumbing clogs cause stress in your home, know that Mr. Rooter Plumbing is there for you 24/7 to remove clogs and get your system flowing freely with residential drain and sewer cleaning.
Why HydroScrub surpasses conventional cable methods
Unlike conventional cable methods, HydroScrub prevents future problems. Pipes snakes push through the path of least resistance to open small holes for blockages. These holes can quickly cause another clogged drain as soft deposits left in the drain line after snaking collect paper and other material. HydroScrub, however, does what this cable method cannot – it clears the line of problems such as grease, soap and sludge, removing soft deposits for a cleaning that will last.
Preventative maintenance
The best prevention against clogs is stopping them before they start with a HydroScrub cleaning. Once we return your plumbing to “like new” condition, we incorporate other preventive maintenance techniques into your home in order to prevent all the waste that has been removed from pipe walls (hair, grease, food, soap residue, sludge, and more) from building up again. As some future buildup is inevitable, scheduling routine HydroScrub drain cleaning is recommended. In the meantime, these simple tips can help you keep your plumbing system up to par after cleaning with HydroScrub:
Prevent buildup by disposing of as much fat, grease, oil, and other food matter into the garbage as possible.
To eliminate FOG buildup as it occurs, use Mr. Rooter Plumbing Enzymatic Drain Care monthly.
Flush nothing but toilet paper down your toilet.
Add drain strainers to kitchen and bathroom drains, and clean them regularly.
Prevent the stress of repeated clogs and possible water damage to your home by contacting Mr. Rooter for residential drain and sewer cleaning today, and let HydroScrub end those unexpected clogs once and for all. In addition to your timely, professional and courteous service call, Mr. Rooter Plumbing will conduct a free plumbing check-up to assess the health of your entire plumbing system.