We live in earthquake country and experience lots of small tremors and some larger ones, which is not helpful to the foundations of our older homes. As we all know, with each earthquake the city engineers improve the bolting on new homes and pass codes to build safer foundations. But what about the older homes? Many homes are on a raised foundation, which makes the strapping and bolting easy to do, because we have access to your footings from underneath your home to do the repair work and strengthen your foundation. In case of termite damage to the mud-sill of your foundation, they can and must be replaced and re-enforced.
Then there are many homes on a slab. Meaning that they are not on a raised foundation. This is a little more involved to repair.
After the 1994 earthquake, many older homes slipped off of their foundation, due to termite eaten mudsills and or not enough bolting to the footings of the homes. The older homes were built according to code of that time, which did not require as much bolting as we are required to do today. Today we are also required to do shear walling to accommodate the jagging movements of the earth.
All of this work can be done and does improve your property value. If you are like most people, the purpose of bolting may escape you. To make it simple, we like to know that foundations, bolting and footings hold up the structure of your home and the weight of your interior and exterior walls rest on footings and need to be bolted to the footings.

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