Flooring is a base of any room. It can dictate the way room is designed, set up. It can also effect the room functionality. At Masterly we are experienced in setting up any kind of flooring. Weather you want hardwood, laminate, tile, porcelain etc. Whatever your need is, you can count on us.

Wood Flooring

Nature’s beauty, easy to maintain, perfect for special area rugs, easy on your back and a rich look. Works with any style of furnishings. Woods from all over the world with rich tones for instant warmth in your home. For just about any room in your home, even the kitchen. Some homes need moisture testing to prevent warping of your new wood floor, in which case a moisture test is done and if needed a moisture barrier has to be installed prior to the wood.
The manufacturer further recommend to have all the wood floor material is to be on the job site for two days to acclimate the wood to your environment, prior to installation. Masterly,inc. follows those guidelines to assure our customers the quality they deserve.
*Hardwood floors offer the unmistakable charm and timeless

Tile Flooring

There so many new and wonderful tiles on the market today for your own inspiration of the look you desire, the style you have chosen, may it be an antique tile or a marble look alike tile, a shiny tile, or mosaic tiles, you name it, it is available. Mix your tile floor with other materials, or have a granite border and tile field, use an insert, or just using your tile in a pattern. Masterly, Inc. can be of assistance to you with your choices and installation.
*Ceramic tile offers timeless beauty, extraordinar

Carpet And Linoleum

Carpet we are all familiar with and everyone is aware that there are hundreds of various carpet qualities on the market, hundreds of styles and hundreds of colors and patterns.
But, did you know that with a single colored carpet and an accent color carpet you can create a border with a bevel or have your field being a darker color and a lighter color as a border, which helps to make a small room look a little larger ? You further can have a sculptured carpet or an embroidered edge for an area rug. Pad’s for your choice of comfort. LINOLEUM has made a great headway in styles, colors and designs to suit anyone’s look in their home from modern to traditional, from a wood look to stunning patterns. You are not limited at all and it is a soft surface, not hard on your back, easy to maintain and cost effective.
*Nothing is warmer, quieter or softer than carpet!

Stone Floors

Marble, Granite, Quartz and much more. Hundreds and hundreds of choices, mixed with tile or wood, or marble with granite, or marble with carpet with matching marble fireplace. Mixtures too numerous to list, but our design staff can help you.
Masterly, Inc. prides itself of making any choices available to you.
*Today’s Vinyls Offer Beauty, Easy Maintenance and Value!


Pergo is a cost effective “ look like wood” and provides you with many wonderful colors and styles. Many people in both homes and businesses have resorted to this product due to the look and the price.
Masterly, Inc. can provide you with all the choices and assist you on your decisions.

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