Custom Siding

If you have wood or stone or wish to replace the wood siding with stone, here is the answer. CULTURED STONE has a magnificent look and is far more cost effective than natural stone.
Many wood siding homes have become worn out looking over the years or the termite’s have done their job to a point that you can not claim an antique look. The environment and those hungry creatures, “TERMITES”, have reduced your exterior siding to a worn out look.
Your choice is to do all new wood siding or a mixture of CULTURED STONE AND WOOD SIDING. Use the stone as a wainscoting and the wood siding above, or just stucco. There are many ways to enhance the exterior of your home depending on the style of your home and your budget.
You further keep the wood siding away from your sprinkler system or hosing your plants. Any moisture creeping into the new wood siding would permit the new Termites to have a meal.
Masterly, Inc. can provide you many choices and support the reasons and purpose of durability.

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