3 different ways of covering scratches on your wooden furniture


Having your furniture messed up can be really frustrating and stressful. It can happen for many reasons and it’s not an unusual problem. Specially when the damaged furniture is our fancy wooden one. But don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a new table or to call a really expensive restoration guy. Luckily, we at Masterly INC can help you fix this very easily and by yourself. There are different ways to do it, depending on the type of wood.


Shoe Polish



The simplest way of fixing this is using shoe polish. You have to get one of a color that matches the one of the lightest shade of the wood finish. Just apply it gently over the scratch. Rubbing a walnut in the direction of the scratch is optional, but also a good idea if the scratch is on dark wood.

Instant Coffee



Making a paste with instant coffee is also great to cover the scratches. You just have to make the paste by mixing the instant coffee with a small amount of water. It’s perfect for hiding small scratches and nicks.



Just mix in a small bucket:
-3/4 of a cup of soda ash
– 1 quart of warm tap water
Apply the mixture with a soft cloth or brush. Then rinse the area with cold or cool water. Then dry it with a clean soft cloth.

Extra tips:
– you can also use iodine diluted 50% with denatured alcohol to fix your oak wood furniture scratches.
– Permanent marker is also a good option to hide wood scratches. It has been used for years.

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